German Science Society: Schools Day 2020

Location 2019: Berlin, 2020: virtual event
Target audience Approximately 100 international students who qualified for funding contracts as well as representatives of partner organizations and other supporters.
Objective To present the diverse focus areas of the funding program. To enable interaction and discussions between students and sponsors.
To encourage interaction and interdisciplinary networking.
Previus format A one-day onsite event in Berlin with key notes, panel discussions, parallel workshops and networking sessions. Various social events and cultural offerings also accompany the program. Students take an active role in the implementation of the event.
The challenge A careful program planning reflecting the international time zones was needed to convert the event to a virtual format with focus on interactive exchange.
New format A tailor-made platform was created to meet all the demands of the event.
Innovative features for networking and interaction were integrated.
Live streams and discussions were professionally presented.
The event location was converted into a professional studio to accommodate speakers and enhance production quality.
Interactive tasks and networking sessions were utilised in order to establish exchange and contact between participants.
Services Consultation, conceptualisation of the landing page and the virtual event format, organization, budgeting and financial processing, participant registration, speaker management, and the coordination of technical service providers.