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This last week at Athens, we have enjoyed an absolutely outstanding and enormously successful ESPGHAN conference. I received extremely positive feedback from many members and other delegates who told me how much they enjoyed the meeting, which some said was the best ESPGHAN meeting ever. Personally I share the view that the congress was superbly organised.
In addition, many exhibitors and sponsors have shared with me that they have been really pleased with the preparation and implementation of the congress and felt that their needs and wishes have very well been taken care of.
In my role as past-president who was actively involved in preparing for the Athens meeting, I wish to personally express my sincere thanks and congratulations to the whole EUROKONGRESS team for the dedicated and excellent work, and for the great success achieved!

Prof. Dr. Dr. Berthold Koletzko
Past President ESPGHAN
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital

…I just wake up from my post congress sleep and realize that we survived ESGE Brussels with a very good feeling. Organization was perfect, location for the participants also and the programme very well appreciated. The best ESGE ever, they said… Without the professional guidance of all EUROKONGRESS collaborators this was not possible and I would like to thank all of you helping us to achieve this fantastic result…

Rudi Campo,
Central Office, European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE)

You pulled off an amazing organistation for our firms 50th anniversary and together we all made a great team to make this the most successful event in the firms history – that takes some beating, congratulations!

…a customer

For me it was a real privilege to work with you and the EUROKONGRESS Team, you are great professionals and you contributed a lot to the success of the Congress! I do hope that we will have the chance to work together again!
I wish you lot of luck and success to your future events!

...a customer

The meeting was really outstanding, both at the scientific level as in the organization. The food was excellent and abundant and the Bavarian night reminded me of old times in the October fest.

...a participant

Thank you indeed for the perfect organization as well as for your hospitality. I enjoyed every single minute attending the meeting and was pleased to chair this session. All participants, I have personally spoken to, appreciated the meeting and said that it belonged to the best they have ever attended.

a speaker

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